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Care Tips

Periodically clean the filters of the indoor unit of the air conditioner

The indoor unit filter is an ordinary fine mesh on a plastic frame, located under the front panel, where air is sucked in from the room. It is necessary to protect the internal parts of the air conditioner from dust. Naturally, over time, dust accumulates on the grid and begins to interfere with the operation of the equipment.

If the air conditioner works every day, we recommend cleaning the filter every two weeks. This process does not require any special knowledge: just open the front panel, pull out the frame with the filter and rinse it under warm water. At the same time, after installing the filter in place, wipe the front panel with a dry cloth or vacuum clean it, and if the panel is heavily soiled, wipe it with a cloth moistened with a neutral detergent.

Do not turn on the air conditioner if the temperature outside the window is not within the safe range stated in the instructions

QUATTROCLIMA air conditioners are designed to operate in various climatic zones of the Earth and therefore have extended operating temperature ranges. For example, the models of the flagship FERRARA series can be safely used in cooling mode at outdoor temperatures up to +53 ° C, heating up to -20 ° C.

However, it should be remembered that when the air conditioner is turned on in temperature conditions that are not provided for in the instructions, its service life may decrease. In addition, the risk of various malfunctions increases, including: compressor failure, breakdown of the outdoor fan, freezing of the drainage system.

If you need cooling during winter months, use the equipment adaptation service - a special low temperature kit extends the permissible operating temperature to -43 ° C.

Invite specialists to refuel the air conditioner with freon

Freon is a gas that circulates through the pipes connecting the indoor and outdoor units and transfers heat from the room to the outside (if the air conditioner is in cooling mode), or vice versa, from the street to the room (if the air conditioner is in heating mode). Even with the ideal quality of the air conditioner installation, freon inevitably escapes through the pipe connections - in an amount of 6-8% per year. Lack of freon can lead to overheating and breakdown of the air conditioning compressor - its main and most expensive component. To prevent possible malfunctions, we recommend calling a service specialist at least once every two years (for example, from the company that installed the air conditioner). The engineer will check and, if necessary, refuel the equipment with freon, test the operation in basic modes and thoroughly clean the indoor and outdoor units.