Comfort in the global dimension
Comfort in the global dimension

QUATTROCLIMA climate systems

Functional air conditioning systems at affordable prices for home and business.

Home air conditioners

A wide range of residential air conditioners QUATTROCLIMA is universal for any climate zone of the planet and is affordable.

Air conditioners for business

The line of commercial air conditioners QUATTROCLIMA is represented by cassette, duct and floor-ceiling split systems of constant performance. Thanks to the function of air preparation in the heating mode and the defrosting mode of the outdoor unit, they are used in the cold latitudes of the planet. At the same time, the ability to operate in cooling mode at outdoor temperatures up to +43 °C opens up wide opportunities for the use of light-commercial air conditioners QUATTROCLIMA in the temperate, equatorial and tropical zones.

Refrigerating machines

Modular refrigerating machines QuattroClima due to the flexibility of selection and installation are a universal solution in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning. The model range includes refrigerating machines with a cooling capacity of 30, 65 and 130 kW. It is possible to arrange any combination of models into a modular system, depending on the required performance. The maximum number of chillers in the system is 16. Thus, the cooling capacity of a modular system can range from 30 to 2080 kW. The flexibility of installation and selection is ensured due to the fact that any module of such a modular system can act as the main one. The operation of several units in a group is carried out in the master / slave mode - one chiller is the master, the rest of the machines are slaves.
QUATTROCLIMA is the freedom to choose the microclimate for every person on Earth.
People are our value. It is the person who inspires and motivates us. Every person is important and has an unconditional right to comfort.
Universal equipment, ready to work 365 days a year in any climate zone. Air conditioners that are configured specifically for your region.
Comfort is the standard of living of the 21st century and an integral part of human progress.

7 billion in values on the planet

QUATTROCLIMA is a global brand. Our main value is people all over the world: they inspire us to create more and more advanced, technological and functional equipment. We believe that comfort should become the standard of living of the 21st century and work daily to bring these beliefs to life.

Best sellers

Ferrara Series
Cooling capacity - 2,60 kW
Dimensions - 698 x 255 x 190 mm
Verona Series
Cooling capacity - 2,60 kW
Dimensions - 698 x 255 x 190 mm
Bergamo Series
Cooling capacity - 2,05 kW
Dimensions - 698 x 255 x 190 mm

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